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Business Seller Motivations

What Are Some Business Seller Motivations?


Sellers of businesses have a variety of different motivations for selling.

They can range from ‘ready to retire’, ‘looking for the business to step forward’, to ‘personal or business cashflow considerations’ to ‘wanting to go back to a PAYG job’.

Not everyone is suited to being a business owner and running is a business while it offers flexibility in your lifestyle, often involves long hours, and many stresses.

Not all businesses that are for sale are because the owner wants to get out. Quite often business owners get the business to a certain level and want to bring in a business partner with more experience in growth.

Whatever the motivation, you should find out why the owner is selling as you may be able to use this to get the best Win-Win situation during negotiations.

There is no good offering someone a higher offer if they stay for 12 months if the reason they are selling is they have been offered their dream job.


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