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Why Selling A Business Needs To Be a Win-Win

Why does selling a business need to be a win-win?


This is why!


As a seller, while price is definitely important, it is not like real estate where you have no ongoing relationship with the buyer. Often, you will still be involved in staff handovers, helping to retain customers and assisting the buyer to transition into the business.

Many times, the seller of a business, also has long-term friendships and relationships with staff and customers that they would like maintained.

When buying a business, while trying to purchase for the best price, you really want to ensure a great working relationship with the seller. They are the ones recommending you to your customers and clients and also ensuring that everything is in place for you to hit the group running with minimal impact.

When the buyer and seller agree on a proposal, it's important for both parties to feel that they have control over the process. When mutual power and control are involved, buyers will do whatever it takes to make the deal work. 


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