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How to Manage Stress During the Business Sale Process

What does it mean to manage stress?


Managing stress effectively means knowing when to recharge your energy, time and focus. When you are under constant pressure, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to think straight.

To avoid this, here are some tips:

Identify your stress triggers and work to prevent them.

Once you've identified these, you can start to develop a stress management strategy.

Get support from colleagues. Think of an Olympic athlete: they have a team behind them. They often thank their support team for helping them reach their goals. Similarly, a business owner should surround himself with support from colleagues. An accountant can answer any tax questions, a lawyer can weigh in with legal advice, and an IT specialist can make sure the business' computer systems are up and running. Ultimately, stress levels will be reduced when people are surrounded by a team.

Avoid over-pursuit. Make a plan of action for every sales call. By having a strategy in place, you will not become overwhelmed and will be better prepared to handle objections and make the sale. You will feel less stressed when you know exactly what you are aiming for on each call. The same goes for the business sale process. If you don't plan ahead, you'll risk losing out on a valuable opportunity.


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